Wood Frog


The wood frog is the only amphibian that is known to survive north of the Arctic Circle and it one of only two species frogs that make their home in Alaska. What makes this adorable little frog so remarkable is its ability to recover from literally freezing solid during Alaska’s long, cold winters. Wood frogs can survive several freeze/thaw cycles.

Wood frogs are not considered an endangered species; they are widespread throughout most of North America.

After a recent rainstorm, my husband found this wood frog in our yard and kindly held it in his palm to demonstrate its small size.

Rana sylvatica

This second frog was (rather dramatically, I’m sure) caught by my 5-year-old daughter who then bounded across the yard to show me that she, too, had found a frog! (We carefully released him back into the wild for his photo op.)

Rana sylvatica